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5 things to consider while replacing panel and garage door

Garage Door and panel:

You replace your garage door once or twice in your lifetime thus your knowledge and experience in purchasing a garage door may be highly limited due to material and technology advancements. When you begin purchasing garage door as a homeowner, you will get surprise to know that it varies in colors, materials, insulation, mechanisms and price. Replace Garage doors with different colors, several types of materials, insulation to varying degrees, opening or closing installed mechanism and various price ranges are available.

Things to consider before replacing garage door:

As a homeowner you have to consider few things before replacing garage door such as,

  • Primary function: you have to consider the main function of your garage either it is parking, storing or workshop
  • Seasonal swings: consider seasonal changes and weather conditions of your area
  • Exterior décor: look for the compatibility of your garage door with exterior decor of your house

Examine these critical elements before replacing panel and garage door:

  • Mechanism: seek the mechanism of panel either it is roller, fractional, canopy or an automatic door. Its focus should be clear space in the driveway and ceiling of the garage.
  • Composition: check the material of the door i.e. wood, aluminum, fiber or steel for the weight and durability of garage door in extreme weather conditions. Check the size too i.e. single or double car. A wooden door requires regular painting with a rubber seal at bottom to prevent wood from water damage. A steel panel is easy to maintain and is affordable. Aluminum doors are light weight. Fiberglass does not corrode in salt-air climate.
  • Insulation: the garage door should be of insulating material (like polystyrene foam) if your garage is located in a colder place.
  • Maintenance: look for regular maintenance of your garage door to avoid much cost in the long run.
  • Security: personal safety should be your first priority before replacing a panel. Safety of valuables is important too.

When we have to replace panel and garage door?

There are various reasons to panel replace and garage door. The cables and sensitive springs break under the recurring stress of opening and closing of that heavy weight. Extension springs expand and contract with the movement of panel and are likely to get damage early. Moisture can deteriorate the door panel which is also called as suffer impact damage. Improper lubrication of rollers with lithium spray grease can negatively affect the door. Screws may come out of their position thus unbalancing the panel or roller so replace connections to avoid sudden discharge of a screw. You may replace panel or garage door because it’s jammed, ugly or old fashioned. Replacing a panel is cost effective if your garage door is like a shed.

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