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Different kinds of spiders

There are different kinds of pests and insects, which can be found in a house. Some pests are just irritating but are not dangerous for the health of people. However, there are also some pests, which can kill a person just in one bite. These pests or insects can have poison, which they can convert to their human body by biting them. Some pests also have many different species, which look different and have different kind of danger. One of those insects has spiders, which have many different species. Some spiders are harmless and they only create webs but do not harm people in any way but some spiders can be very dangerous. The spiders can be different in size too. To read more about spiders you can go to online websites but this article will tell you about some of these species of spiders.


These types of spiders will be found only in mid-south and south-eastern United States. They have a specific violin pattern on their backs and they can only be recognized by these patterns. The brown recluse spider get active only in summers so you will be able to see many webs in corners of the walls and furniture even in the handles of the doors. If you are seeing a lot of webs in and outside of your house, it definitely means that there are lot of them in your house. it is important to free your house from spiders but they are not actually harmful for human being so there is  no need for you to worry about the health of your family.

Wolf spider

These spiders do not spend their time in creating web; in fact, they spend their time in searching for their food and pry. You will see them in your house mostly in autumn or winter when they start looking for some warmth. The size of these spiders can be more than an inch. It is a fact that these spiders have poison in their bodies but they are not deadly and they will only bite if they would think that the person could harm them. If someone is bitten by them, he will only feel a little discomfort or swelling on the bitten part of the body.

Cellar spider

These spiders can have very long legs. They start creating web in wet and cool places. You will mostly find them in your basement or cellars. They are not at all dangerous for the health of people. They are just scary but not poisonous.


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