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How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

After a long season spent indoors during the winter months, your home may need to be freshened up for the warmer weather ahead. Many people begin to spend more time outdoors and want to get more use out of their property. If you want to prepare your home for the spring season, there are a few important tips to follow.

Check the Rain Gutters

According to, you’ll need to check the rain gutters for improper drainage and turn the downspouts away from the building. The water should be directed away from the foundation to avoid issues that can develop. Cleaning out the gutters is important to remove debris and prevent water from backing up onto the roof. You can also inspect the roof for loose or missing shingles on the deck, which can lead to leaks that develop. Click here to find out more information.

Check Outside Faucets

Freeze damage commonly occurs to outside faucets, making it necessary to check everything by placing your finger over the opening. If you’re able to stop the water from flowing out, then there’s a pipe that has suffered from damaged and needs a replacement. You’ll also want to inspect all of your garden hoses for dry rot that may be present.

Inspect the Air Conditioner

Hire a professional to inspect the air conditioner to look for any repairs that may be needed. Tuning up the AC unit can allow it to run more efficiently and will increase its lifespan. The professional can clean the coils to ensure that everything runs more efficiently. The interior filters should also be checked throughout the year.

Focus on the Exterior

According to, the exterior of the building needs plenty of care after a harsh winter season where it was exposed to different types of environmental elements. Look for weather stripping that has occurred on the windows and take steps to increase the quality of your landscaping. Rake all leaves and remove debris on sidewalks or pathways. Pressure wash all concrete that is present and the siding on the building.

Spring Clean the Property

Now is the time to spring clean your home after you were cooped up inside during the winter season. Deep clean the carpets, dust the blades on the ceiling fans and test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. You can also wash the windows, clean the grout in your tile floors, and dust your ceilings for cobwebs to brighten up the space. Using an air purifier will also improve the air quality inside of the home and can keep it fresh. You can continue to use it throughout the season to remove allergens or dust that enters the building.

When you want to get your home ready for spring, there are several steps to take to create an appealing environment. By performing a few home improvement projects, you can brighten up the space in a few easy ways for the warmer months ahead.


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