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Making an Entrance: Choosing the Right Style of Front Door for your Home


Home is often a welcome sight for sore eyes but it’s always your front door which is there to greet you. Nothing beats a warm and friendly welcome and as the focal point of a house’s exterior, your front door has a compelling effect on the sub-conscience mind.

Whether you want to personalise your entranceway or you’re looking to attract potential buyers and potentially add extra value to your house price, there are several factors to consider when choosing a new front door.

Material choices

Of the three main choices available, metallic doors can provide an efficient and cheaper alternative. They do, however, typically exude less warmth than either of the other options and they can be susceptible to rapid ageing with the weather and general use causing blemishes and imperfections. Any scratches and indentations are also likely to be clearly visible and hard to conceal after a short while.

Fibreglass doors present a much more refined option and are available in a multitude of different styles. Often replicating a faux-wooden look, fibreglass is also a cheaper option but is a less robust choice. They do provide a good level of insulation making them a more energy efficient alternative, although, higher quality fibreglass doors can be as costly as the wooden doors which they aim to replicate

The classic look

Wooden doors offer a more elegant choice but also a more expensive option. Across the UK oak doors have come to symbolise a sense of tradition, style and quality with a classic British aesthetic that many other materials try to imitate. There are many different types of wood available to choose between, each with their own relative merits.

There is one unifying factor which connects all wooden doors and that is the effect of the weather. Wooden doors often require a greater level of maintenance with paint or varnish required every few years to keep them protected.

Further to this, you should consider the amount of durability you’re door will require. Where the door is not sheltered in its position within the house design and in more hostile and extreme environments, solid wooden doors could potentially warp and become misshapen. While solid doors are a viable option for most of the country, veneer doors may represent a better option for some homes in certain locations.

Glass panels

Everyone who considers and purchases a front door can be grouped into two separate categories. Those who prefer glass panels and those who prefer a solid door. The amount of glass used within the design can vary greatly, as can the type of glass, be it plain, frosted or coloured.

Viewed by many people primarily on the grounds of privacy, glass inserts can be a great source of natural light to brighten up your home. Security too may be a concern for some, however, toughened and re-enforced glass make this much less of a problem than many perceive it as.


While installation and practical factors may need to be considered, many of the obvious choices in selecting a door are concerned by stylistic appearance. Whether to choose a plain or decoratively crafted door, traditional or modern style, even the use of colour and finish should be taken into account.

Likewise, the use of handles, a letter box plate, house numbers and a doorbell can all considerably add to the overall design and look. While the overall style should somewhat complement the general aesthetic of your house, there’s still some margin to add individuality and personality into your choice.


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