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How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Carpets?

Deep carpet cleaning should be done in addition to regular vacuuming. Although it isn’t done as often, the frequency depends on how much traffic there is. Deep cleaning is not a household chore; it should be performed by certified professionals who are trained and certified, and employ equipment that has been designed and tested to industry standards. A professional cleaning allows for quicker drying, because the equipment used by a company has strong extraction power.

Foot Traffic and Deep Carpet Cleaning

You won’t need a deep cleaning if there is light traffic. Although regular vacuuming should be done once a week, a more thorough job can be done once a year, and perhaps you can wait 18 months in between cleanings. A restorative cleaning every two years can keep the carpet fresh as well. In a household with kids, twice-a-week vacuuming and professional cleaning every six to 12 months are recommended. Also, consider an annual restoration to keep the carpet as clean as possible.

Carpets traversed more frequently, and by pets, should be vacuumed anywhere from two to four times weekly. You should deep clean heavy traffic areas every three to six months. However, if you have a large, extended family and a few pets, daily vacuuming is a must. The carpet should also be deep cleaned every two to three months, with a restoration done about four times a year.

Factors in Carpet Deep Cleaning

The number of people in your household certainly affects how often the carpet should be treated. A few other factors affect how frequently you should hire a professional cleaning service. These include how often you need to perform spot cleaning, how soiled the carpet gets, and how frequently you vacuum the carpet. The carpet manufacturer’s recommendations will also tell you how often to deep clean the product to maintain its quality, and ensure the warranty holds up.

It is also important to remember that vacuuming is not enough to get a carpet fully clean. Steaming one by yourself isn’t either. Professional service is worth it to invest in because it is the only way to fully protect the carpet and ensure nothing is left behind that can harm your health. Indoor air quality is often worse than that outside, and improper carpet care is one contributor. Dust, allergens, and germs can fester for a long time until disturbed; then the health of the entire family can be in jeopardy.

Professionals that deep clean carpets will ensure these never become a problem. You could also make choices when initially picking the carpet. A rug with short fibers and natural materials collects less dust, reducing some of the problems with dirty carpets, but deep cleaning is necessary no matter what kind of carpet you have. It’s therefore a process you shouldn’t neglect to have done because the benefits well outweigh any negatives there may be. Plus, the peace of mind having a clean carpet free of all kinds of particles and germs is something any homeowner can appreciate.



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