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How to evaluate your tenants before you sign up for them

The builder hands over the keys of your house to you and you are now eager to rent it out to earn some rental money. You contact a broker, publish ads yourself and also let your friends and family members know that you have a 1 bhk flat for rent in Gurgaon . Prospective tenants contact you but it gets difficult for you to screen and evaluate them before signing up an agreement.

 Evaluating tenants is important before offering your flat on rent in Gurgaon. A single mistake could land you into big trouble. Just a casual meeting with the tenant does not suffice and you should look for proper documentation and proofs before offering your house on rent.

 These are a few ways through which you can screen the tenant to be assured that he does not have any criminal record and is also capable of paying the monthly rental. It is important that the tenant is screened properly to avoid any nightmare for you.

  • Identification proof

Ask for a proof of identification from the tenant before signing the deal with him. Aadhaar card, voter ID card and driving license are a few of the documents that are valid proofs which the tenant should be able to produce.

  • Proof of employment

You should ask the tenant to produce a proof of employment like the offer letter of his company. If the tenant is employed in a reputed company you can be assured that it is safe to rent out your house to him.

  • Police verification

You should get the tenant verified at the nearest police station. This assures you that there is no past criminal record against the tenant. The background check ensures that you are safe on renting your apartment to the tenant.

  • Behaviour

Lastly you should also judge the tenant based on his appearance and the way he talks and carries himself. This will give you an idea if the tenant will easily fit into the neighbourhood and not be a nuisance for the others staying in the society, thus causing you trouble.

Screening the right tenant is a difficult and time-consuming task. It needs proper assessment to choose one from the others who were interested in your property. Most real estate websites like NestAway offer you services that help you screen the right renter. From doing a background check of the tenant to ensuring that the tenant is capable of paying the agreed rent, they take care of it all. They also take care of all the legal formalities like drafting an agreement to be signed by both parties that states the clauses to be borne by both the renter and the owner of the property. You can also list your property on their website to reach out to prospective tenants directly without a broker.

The real estate website is safe and reliable and they get you the right occupant for your home while you just sit and relax.

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