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Everything you Need to Know About Valves and the Uses

Everyone who know a little about plumbing systems, knows that valves are commonly used in the plumbing systems to regulate or block the flow of liquids and gases. Valves are commonly used in homes, industries, commercial sector and every field of life where pipes are involved. Valves are mechanical devices that act as a safety measure to stop the excessive flow of different types of materials to avoid damage.

Valves are used to regulate and control the flow of fluids through pipes. We come across different types of valves in our daily life but we never notice them. For example, the tap that is used to close, open or control the flow of water is also kind of a valve. The handles that we use to regulate the amount of gas are also the valves. Our hearts also have valves that allow the blood flow in one-way direction. These valves work involuntarily and regulate the flow of blood in our body.

Valve is anything that ensures the one-way and unidirectional flow of any fluid, gas or substance. Valves are normally designed to restrict the backflow of fluids through a pipe. There are different types of valves that are designed and manufactured to serve different purposes. There is a huge number of valves that are available in the market. These types contain ball spring valves, spring check valves, plug valves, pinch valve, gate valve, disc check valve, butterfly valve, pilot valve, globe valve etc. These are some of the kinds of valves available in the market.

There are some other types of modern valves as well that are available in the market. Zone valve is a special kind of valve which is used to regulate the flow of water or steam. This type of valve is used in the heating and cooling systems where the flow of water or steam is need to be controlled. These valves are used in the homes, offices and other buildings commonly. Taco is the leading and largest producer of zone valves. Taco zone valves are energy efficient and cost efficient as compared to other types of zone valves in the market.

The heating systems installed in the building also contain a drain valve as well to drain the water from the system. The drain valves are installed, in case you need to repair or work on the heating system. By draining the hot or cold water, you can easily work on the pipes. The valves are made with different types of materials. These include bronze, copper, PVC, CPVC, silver and iron. Nowadays, bronze valves and plastic valves are most commonly used valves because they do not have rusting and corrosion issues.

You should always buy good quality valves because a cheaper valve can cause damage in long run. Cheap valves can cause water leakage which can damage the walls and structure of the building. If not given attention, this seepage can cause the wall to fall. There are many other serious repercussions which can be caused if the quality is compromised.

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